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wolves at the Door, Published in the Los Angeles Review of Books

Meet Sloane

I am a writer, editor, and educator living and working in Oakland, CA.

My writing often focuses on how we form our identities – through language, social media, and physical landscapes. Whether it be nuanced portraits of radical movements or profiles about visionary individuals imagining a better world, I want to amplify the experience of living in this present moment in order to better examine it.

I regularly update my Substack with personal essays. These explore everything from my latest pop culture obsessions to the difficulties of writing about trauma.

All of my work is intimately shaped by the depth of my personal experiences as a white, Jewish, bisexual trans woman.

I am always open to inquiries, requests for comment, or pitch solicitations. Please contact me to get in touch!

Current Skills

  • Working collaboratively with editors and supervisors.
  • Transcription and copyediting services.
  • Designing custom lesson plans and incorporating diverse educational tools in order to further learning outcomes.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Fluency with a diverse range of software and POS systems.
  • Incorporating data-driven analytics into social posts.
  • Communication skills have received commendation in every professional performance review.

Experience & Accolades

  • Graduated from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2016
  • Earned the University President's Diversity Award and the Outstanding Art History Minor Award in 2016
  • Finalist for the 2022 Stormé DeLarverie Baltic Writing Residency
  • An MFA & MA candidate at the California College of the Arts
  • Recipient of the All College Honors in Creative Writing scholarship in 2023

"No one else but you is qualified to write the story of your trans body. Whether it gets published or not, sharing it is an act of love."

"No one else but you is qualified to write the story of your trans body. Whether it gets published or not, sharing it is an act of love."

Reported Work

Tropical Peony Flowers

An in-depth look at gestation for trans parents, covering testimony from Rep. Cori Bush to radical doula services.

Multiple conversations with luminaries in sex work writing and advocacy, from Stoya to Carol Queen, about representation and journalistic coverage of sex work.

A wide-ranging article covering the radical origins of harm reduction and what its principles can teach us during contemporary health crises.


Phone: (415) 573 2632

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